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Surfboard Thruster fins HX 3 eco Maximize

Surfboard Thruster fins HX 3 eco

Set of 3 fins with HX system (FCS system) for Thruster Surfboards, for surfers from 150 to 195 lbs

Fins configurationThruster
Fins systemHX - FCS system
Fins SizeM/L - 70 to 90 kg (150 to 195 lbs)
Equipped with HX system "Dual Tab Fins" which fits FCS system
“BALANCE” A well balanced template with a medium base and medium tip. Ideal for any type of surfboard in all wave conditions.
bamboo hemp base
Our “ECOFIN” series. Bamboo and Hemp are ecologically friendly, natural fibres which have been used for centuries. The strength and flex memory of bamboo core replicates the solid fibreglass flex while also reducing the weight. Hemp fibre is one of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibre, making it excellent for a rigid fin base.