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Surfboard Thruster fins HX jimi Maximize

Surfboard Thruster fins HX jimi

Set of 3 fins with HX system (FCS system) for Thruster Surfboards, for surfers from 130 to 180 lbs

Fins configurationThruster
Fins systemHX - FCS system
Fins SizeM - 60 to 80 kg (130 to 180 lbs)
Equipped with HX system "Dual Tab Fins" which fits FCS system
“SPEED” An upright and less curved template to produce and maintain high-speed. The smaller centre fin allows for quicker tail release. Excels in powerful conditions.
art fin
Professional Artists / Surfers around the World have hand drawn artworks using their own mixed media styles to create a limited edition fin of a maximum of 2000 copies. These unique designs are printed over a white resin laminated canvas which is inserted into the core of each fin to add strength and non-scratch properties.