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Surfboard Thruster fins HX 2.5 Maximize

Surfboard Thruster fins HX 2.5

Set of 3 fins with HX system (FCS system) for Thruster Surfboards, for surfers from 130 to 180 lbs

Fins configurationThruster
Fins systemHX - FCS system
Fins SizeM - 60 to 80 kg (130 to 180 lbs)
Equipped with HX system "Dual Tab Fins" which fits FCS system
“SPEED” An upright and less curved template to produce and maintain high-speed. The smaller centre fin allows for quicker tail release. Excels in powerful conditions.
carbon base
These fins incorporate a hexagonal foam core material and construction that offers the traditional fibreglass fin like flex with the added advantage of weight reduction. The carbon base maintains rigidity at the base for stability and drive which converts to a progressive tip flex.